An Open Letter to Rainbow Rowell

Dear Ms Rowell,

Was it your goal to rip my heart out and make me pain when writing ‘Eleanor and Park’? Did you intend to make me want to read a series that could never possibly hope to exist except in ‘Fangirl’?

I hope you realize Ms Rowell that you have successfully scared me with your written emotions and feels. I’m fangirl_eleanor and parkbattered and bruised from the reading of your stories and I hope you can handle knowing that. And yet, I find that my life would have been very much not the same had I not endeavored to read your books.

Because regardless of the pain and suffering that occurred while reading ‘Eleanor and Park’, I was able remember what it felt like to be in high school love. I felt awful for Park and even worse for Eleanor and desperately wanted there to be an epilogue to tell me that they’d found each other again somewhere. Because mostly, Eleanor deserved it.

Park deserved it too, since he put as much of his emotion into the relationship as she did, but OMG does Eleanor need to be loved better than she was. I want to know what happens to her evil Stepfather and her siblings and mother.

Beyond that, my heart ached with every page and I loved it. Beyond words

As for ‘Fangirl’. WHY CAN’T I READ SIMON SNOW IN REAL LIFE? I’d have devoured his world like I did this book. I read this book in minutes practically. I loved it beyond words.

You, Ms. Rowell, are clearly one of us. You captured our fangirl-ness to a T and I found it hilarious to relive my own freshman year through Cath.

I mean, I didn’t have an older man wanting me or a twin sister or a father clearly in the throws of depression, but I lived that life of freshman not knowing how to live in college and make new friends.

So thank you, Ms Rowell, for reminding me of my high school love and helping me to remember what it was like being on the outside of a group and unsure how or even if I wanted to be a part of it.

Yours, emotionally scarred and loving it,

Alissa ❤


25 Standalone Books To Read After Series Burnout

This is excellent. I’m definitely in series burnout and need a pick me up.
I’ll be looking at a bunch of these later on this weekend.
❤ Alissa

Book Revels

A big complaint in YA these days is that everything is a series. I know I’m juggling countless series right now. Sometimes I just need to take a break with a good standalone novel, which is why I created the graphic below. I wanted to share some standalone recommendations for when you too get series burnout. Some are books I personally loved, some have been vetted by trusted book bloggers, and some have been talked about everywhere. I tried to pick a range of genres and included both popular and lesser-known titles, so there’s a book for everyone! Start your Goodreads and get ready to banish that series burnout!

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Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.36.27 AM

1. I Am The Messenger, Markus Zusak | Goodreads

2. Guardian of the Dead, Karen Healey | Goodreads

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