Surprise! A Bookstore!


I’ve spent a decent amount of my life traveling as Sara will tell you. And over my travels I’ve found that inevitably I’ll find a bookstore. I was going through my photos and found this!!

While on spring break during my semester abroad spring 2007 two friends and I went to Amsterdam and got horrendously lost every time we tried to go so where. To the point that we have taken to calling it the trip of ‘Let’s go that way’. I loved it because I’m weird and really enjoy getting lost in new places. My friends, not so much.

So when we happened across this American Book Center, my friends were all for exploring the store. And it was HUGE!! Like seriously massive and I just adored it. My friends were less excited when they realized how long I could spend in the store. They ultimately tempted me out with coffee and the fact that we had a canal tour booked.

Hilariously, I don’t actually seek out bookstores when I travel. I generally have books with me and don’t really feel the need to find local bookstores. So the fact that I found one, by accident and it was an English language store was kind of awesome. I know some people go out searching for bookstores when they travel, but there is something so much more fun about coming across them organically. There is a sense of wonder when you find a bookstore out of the blue. You can walk in and take a breath and just know you’re home, which can help especially when you’re in a foreign country, or even a different city in your own country.

Bookstores are magical places, why not let them find you while you get lost in a foreign place?

Mostly I wanted to share a photo of a bookstore in Amsterdam called The American Book Center, which I thought was fun.

❤ Alissa