Goodreads Book Awards Winners (and my challenge)

In case you haven’t noticed, the delightful website of bookish glory has announced their winners to the 2013 Book Awards. I’ve read a few of them, which is always lovely, but not the vast majority of them.

So here is the plan. My challenge (to myself) for 2014 is to read (re-read) the books that the good users of Goodreads chose as their top books of 2013. And to also read various other books that won awards this year (Costa, Waterstones, Man Booker, National etc. If you think of another one let me know and I’ll tackle the winner!)

I’ll have to come up with a list and post it here to keep myself honest.

But! Here are the winners of this year’s Goodreads book awards:

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Goodreads Is Doing It Again!

The delightful Goodreads is holding their very own “Best Book of 2013” vote-athon!! This I love. I really REALLY do. Because, while I have great respect for book awards, very often they are not always the books that everyone reads over the year.

Goodreads Candidates

They’re generally books we all pick up after it wins or is put on the short list, but I don’t know that we all generally

go out and pick up some of these books before they make it on to  that list.

So, to have Goodreads hold an annual “Best of” for it’s members to vote in makes me all ten kinds of happy. Voting is going to last all month, with three rounds of voting:

  • Opening Round – Nov. 4-9
  • Semifinals- Nov. 11-16
  • Finals- Nov. 18-25

Now, the initial 15 books in each category were chosen by Goodreads, but after that, we the readers! Get to pick the winners in each of the 20 categories, which is just all ten kinds of cool!

If you are a Goodreads member you should definitely go vote for your favorite. You only get to vote once in each round, but it’s so worth it to be able to be apart of choosing a book award.

Happy Voting!

❤ Alissa

#ReadChaos Month and Series Review

Hello lovelies!

Over the month of August I participated in a reading challenge from Prettybooks on Tumblr. The challenge was to read all three books in the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness.

I’ve never read anything by Patrick Ness before in my life so I figured this was a great opportunity for me to do so and participate in something with the Tumblr community. And I have to say, I never expected to like these three books as much as I did.

First, let me say that I love world builders, if you’re going to write a fantasy/dystopian novel your world has got to be perfect for me to get any kind of enjoyment out of. And this world that Ness imagined was beautiful. For example the very idea of Noise and that the entire planet is Information was fascinating to me, and that is what really drew me in.

The main character, Todd, is almost 13 or almost a man in this new world society of New Prentisstown, which is run by Mayor Prentiss. But to backtrack slightly, the settlers of New Prentisstown came from Earth and were settlers of the new world. At the start of The Knife of Never Letting Go Todd is the youngest boy in a town were all the women are dead. And the Noise is deafening. Noise is the thoughts of every man, every animal, every bug on this world.


For spoilers reasons I won’t tell you why, but Todd ran away from home and whilst running away he met Viola. A girl. And she has no Noise.

The following two books, The Ask and The Answer and Monsters of Men follow Todd and Viola as they explore the world and finding their place in it. Eventually Todd is forced to delve into the history of this world of Information and Noise and how he is supposed to live in this world he was never prepared for.Image

As with most YA books, we find an OTP with Todd and Viola. And I won’t lie, I ship Todd/Viola HARD. But they both have to grow up and make choices that teenagers should never normally have to make. They fight (but not in a Hunger Games kind of way) and they do things they regret almost instantly. And what I love about them is that no matter what they will always go back to each other. Everything they do, ultimately, is for the other.

In Monsters of Men, Todd says “I ain’t leaving you. Not even in my head,” to Viola, and to me, that exemplifies their entire relationship through out the series.

I’m really trying hard to not give away too many spoilers because I seriously love all things about this book series. You’ll find love for characters you never thought you would and you’ll find sympathy in odd places.

But honestly, for me, everything good and wonderful about this book goes back to the world that Ness built.

You can find my individual reviews for each book on Goodreads here, here and here.

❤ Alissa

(PS. I have no idea how I did the thing at the top…)