Well, it’s that time again.

It is time for NaNoWriMo. And both Sara and Alissa will be participating in it, both with official NaNo accounts – so you should find them and nag at us to make sure we’re keeping up with our writing numbers!

But it’s a difficult month for people who are participating in NaNo. Mostly because there are a good two days that NO ONE is Imagedoing anything during – Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Thats around 4k of words that most people don’t get done. Or at least, that Alissa doesn’t get done. 

Regardless, this is an excellent time for writers around the world to participate in something that is just for us. We don’t actually have to share it with anyone, which is all ten kinds of lovely and fun. 

So, here is our wish to all of you participating in NaNoWriMo – GOOD LUCK. 

Everyone deserves a cheer squad behind them as they write their book, so just think of us as your cheer squad even as we write our own. 

Lots of love and support sent your way this NaNoWriMo

Alissa and Sara